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Compaq ProSignia 500 Server series:
Наименование продукта Product Number(s)
COMPAQ PROSIGNIA 500 SERVER188342-002   224005-001   224005-003
224005-004   224050-004   224055-001
224055-002   224055-003   224055-004
COMPAQ PROSIGNIA SERVER 500188340-003   224000-001   224000-002
224000-004   224050-001   224050-002
КатегорияPart NumberНаименовнаие
Адаптеры142040-001Fast SCSI-2 controller board - 32-bit, EISA - Has three internal 50-pin male connectors and one external 50-pin high density female connector with latch/clips
Адаптеры142130-001Smart SCSI Array Controller - Two channel, 32-bit EISA bus master, Fast SCSI-2 - Does not include 100-pin to 50-pin `Y` cable - Primary replacement for Smart SCSI Array Controller
Адаптеры194754-001SMART-2 Array Controller/P - Dual channel, Wide Ultra SCSI RAID - 32-bit, PCI - Has one external 68-pin SCSI connector and one internal 68-pin connector
Адаптеры194751-001SMART-2 ARRAY CONTROLLER/E
Адаптеры194753-001SMART-2 ARRAY CONTROLLER /P
Батареи160274-0014.5V alkaline battery for Real-Time Clock (RTC), 600mA - Has self-adhesive strip and attached cable and connector
Блоки питания144206-001Switching power supply - 240 watts, 100-120/220-240 VAC, 47-63Hz
Другое146779-001Switch cover
Жесткие диски142039-0011.05 Gigabyte SCSI Hard Disk
Жесткие диски199428-0012.1GB hot-plug Fast SCSI-2 hard drive - 6,400 RPM - Includes 1.6-inch, 50-pin drive trayNO LONGER SUPPLIED
Жесткие диски199644-0012.1GB Non-Pluggable Fast-Wide SCSI-2 hard drive
Жесткие диски142272-0012.1GB Non-Pluggable Fast-SCSI-2 hard drive - 3.5in form factor, 1.6in high
Жесткие диски199585-0014.3GB Non-Pluggable Fast-SCSI-2 hard drive
Жесткие диски146717-0011.05GB hot-plug Fast SCSI-2 hard drive - 6,400 RPM - Includes 1.6-inch, 50-pin drive tray
Жесткие диски402497-001SPS-DRV,HD,4.3GB,FSCSI,2HT PLG
Кабели и опции к ним211409-001KIT,SPS-CABLE,SCSI 7-DEV/WAR
Корпусы и их части141081-001Metal slot cover - Covers any unused I/O rear panel slots (package of five)NO LONGER SUPPLIED
Материнские платы188307-001SPS-BOARD,SYSTEM I/O
Материнские платы169174-002Processor board, 5/120, with out processor
Материнские платы222949-001KIT,SPS-BD,PRCSR W/HTSK,150
Оперативная память149947-00116MB SIMM module (70 ns)
Оптические приводы и опции к ним144207-2011.44MB 3.5in generic 3 mode floppy disk drive
Оптические приводы и опции к ним288456-0011.44MB 3.5in floppy disk drive without bezel
Оптические приводы и опции к ним184783-001SCSI CD-ROM drive - 4X-max read
Оптические приводы и опции к ним295934-001IDE CD-ROM - 8X tray load
Процессоры213125-001Intel Pentium processor - 120MHz (60MHz front side bus)NO LONGER SUPPLIED
Процессоры235228-001Intel Pentium processor - 150MHz (60MHz front side bus, PGA)NO LONGER SUPPLIED
Радиаторы и вентиляторы211410-001Fan assembly - 120mm x 120mm x 38.1mm thick fan with three wire cable (+/- DC and fault) - 11.5V to 13.8VDC operating voltage, 112CFM - Includes mounting bracket and finger guard
Радиаторы и вентиляторы221077-001System fan with board guide
Радиаторы и вентиляторы211442-001KIT,SPS-FAN,VAR SPEED
Compaq ProSignia 500 Server series: