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HP Color VGA 14 inch Display:
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КатегорияPart NumberНаименовнаие
Корпусы и их частиD1194-40003Tilt/swivel pedestal - Bottom base of display
Мониторы371508-003S7540 17-inch monitor (Carbonite, Silver) - 2-Tone, Northern Hemisphere, MPR-II Part 371508-003 is no longer supplied. Please order the replacement, 397619-001
МониторыD1197-69001VGA display - 14-inch - Northern hemisphere - (replaceable monitor for D1197A)
МониторыD2827-60003HP 51 color monitor - 15-inch, 0.28 dot pitch - 90/264VAC, 47-63Hz - Requires separate AC power cord - Has attached video cable with 15-pin male D-sub connector (For the Southern hemisphere)
HP Color VGA 14 inch Display: