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HP 3000 957LX Server:
Наименование продукта Product Number(s)
HP 3000 SERIES 957LX BASE SPUA1707X   
КатегорияPart NumberНаименовнаие
АдаптерыA1700-60005Precision bus adapter (l-shaped) - Adapts CIO board to backplane - Precision Bus Adapter(L-Shaped) - Adapts CIO Bd to Backplane
АдаптерыA1703-60002Backplane board (Standard chassis) - Has 2 I/O slots
АдаптерыA1703-69042Multifunction I/O board - Includes SCSI/parallel port, plus connector to MUX (MDP) or direct (DDP) distribution panels
АдаптерыA1703-69316Processor board for all configurations - Processor Board (for all Configurations) - Plugs into the Backplane Board - for HP Repair Use ONLY
Батареи1420-05076V battery pack - 3.7Ah, lead acid battery pack with cable - Mounts in front part of power supply
БезельA1703-60033Front bezel (ribbed plastic piece) - For floor stand unit
Блоки питания0957-0077Power supply kit with fan, plug, and power control module
БрекетыA1703-60093Adapter bracket (U-shaped) - Attaches to bottom half of 5.25-inch drive drawer and allows the mounting of two additional 3.5-inch half-height hard drives
Внутренние компоненты для оргтехникиA1703-60080Power switch cover/protector - Self-adhesive frame with slide-out window - Prevents accidental power shut-off
Другое1252-4414CONN-POST TYPE .100-PIN-
ДругоеA1703-00010ORDER A1703-60093
ДругоеA1703-63001ORDER A1703-63007
ДругоеA1703-63004ORDER A1703-63008
ДругоеA1703-69003ORDER A1703-69204
ДругоеA1703-69032ORDER A1703-69042
ДругоеA1703-69103ORDER A1703-69204
ДругоеA1703-69203RSTRD A1703-60003 Part A1703-69203 is no longer supplied. Please order the replacement, A1703-69204
Кабели и опции к нимA1703-63007SCSI ribbon cable - 50-pin (F) connector to SCSI controller and four 50-pin (F) connectors for drives - 79cm (31in) long - From backplane to internal drives and SCSI connector
Кабели и опции к нимA1703-63008SCSI ribbon cable - 50-pin (F) connector to SCSI controller and seven 50-pin (F) connectors for drives - 2.3m (7.7ft) long cable folded into a final length of 1.6m (5.3ft)
Кабели и опции к нимA1703-40006Right backplane retainer clip - Right retainer clip - Holds backplane on alignment tabs
Кабели и опции к нимA1703-40007Left backplane retainer clip - Left retainer clip - Holds backplane on alignment tabs
Материнские платыA1703-60031Memory extender board - Holds up to 6 pairs of SIMM modules
Материнские платыA1703-69204Multifunction I/O board - Includes SCSI/parallel port, plus console, modem, AUI, and ThinLAN connectors
Модули1252-3932Single-Ended SCSI passive terminator - Has 50-pin high density (M) connector with latch/clips
Сетевое оборудование и опции к немуA1703-60015DC power switch - Includes cable to power control module
Шкафы, стойки и комплектующие к нимA2051-40004Light pipe assembly - Includes all 4 light pipes
HP 3000 957LX Server: