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Compaq Evo D300s Desktop:
Наименование продукта Product Number(s)
D300SD/845 BU ALL265380-B21   
КатегорияPart NumberНаименовнаие
Аудио192518-001Speaker assembly - 40mm (1.6in) by 70mm (2.7in) oval speaker on a rectangular mounting plate and attached 30.5cm (12in) cable
Безель257401-001Front bezel for desktop
Блоки питания244166-001Power supply assembly (250W) - 100-240VAC input, 47-63Hz - Full-ranging, active power factor-corrected (PFC) power supply
Кабели и опции к ним257047-001IDE Ultra ATA dual-device cable - 40-pin (F) connectors, 15.2cm (6.0in) to first connector, 25.4cm (10in) over all length, with pull tab and center polarization
Кабели и опции к ним257048-001IDE Ultra ATA dual-device cable - 40-pin (F) connectors, 25.4cm (10in) to first connector, 35.6cm (14in) over all length, with pull tab and center polarization
Кабели и опции к ним257049-001Power switch/LED cable assembly - Includes the power switch, power-on LED, disk activity LED, cable and connector
Кабели и опции к ним257309-001Floppy drive data cable - 34-pin (F) to 34-pin (F), 25.4cm (10in) long with pull tab and end pin polarization
Корпусы и их части141081-001Metal slot cover - Covers any unused I/O rear panel slots (package of five)NO LONGER SUPPLIED
Крепления и инструменты для монтажа224849-001Plastic on/off power switch holder
Оптические приводы и опции к ним237180-0011.44MB 3.5-inch floppy drive - With Carbon Black faceplate (buttonless)
Радиаторы и вентиляторы265953-001Chassis fan with wire guard, 80mm, 2-wire
Радиаторы и вентиляторы254285-001Heat sink kit for Pentium 4 processor - Kit includes cylindrical finned heat sink with 60mm x 60mm cooling fan mounted on top and a retainer clip - Also includes thermal compound and alcohol cleaning pad
Системы охлаждения266194-001Airflow guide - For processor cooling
Шасси257051-001Plastics kit - Includes a 5.25in drive slot filler panel (Carbon Black plastic), switch holder, adhesive backed cable clip, power switch spring, and two panel LED holders
Compaq Evo D300s Desktop: