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HP P4000 G2 Unified NAS Gateway Systems:
Наименование продукта Product Number(s)
КатегорияPart NumberНаименовнаие
Адаптеры511808-001PCIe riser board with x16 connector (maximum x16 interconnect) - Mounts to the full-height, full length side of the riser cage
Адаптеры511809-001PCIe riser board with x16 connector (maximum x4 interconnect) - Mounts to the half-height (low-profile), half-length side of the riser cage
Адаптеры536391-001System board - Includes Intel Nehalem processor installer, processor alcohol pad, thermal grease syringe, thermal grease application card, and blank thermal print label
Адаптеры436431-001NC364T quad port Gigabit Ethernet adapter board - Has four external RJ45 10/100/1000Mb ports - Requires one low profile (or full height) x4 PCIe slot
Батареи462976-001Battery module with integrated charger , Ni-MH, 4.8V, 650mAh - For use with the P212, P410, and P411 SAS controller boards with battery backed write cache (BBWC)
Блоки питания532478-001400W AC hot-plug power supply - Installs in the computer chassis as primary or redundant supply - Requires 100-240VAC at 50/60Hz
Блоки питания506247-001500 watt integrated AC power supply - Multiple outputs - Mounts in the right rear corner of the server
Брекеты460014-001Optical disk drive (ODD) bracket - 1U to 2U form factor, 9.5mm (0.37in) wide
Внутренние компоненты для оргтехники507262-001Top cover (access panel)
Дисплеи и опции к ним507260-001Plastics kit - Includes small form factor blank, low profile PCI array bracket, slimline bracket, M2 screws (0.4x.2.1mm), TT screws (6-32x.160,SLT-T15), power supply blank, and LC2UG6 rear I/O panel
Другое519560-001Hardware kit - Includes a fan blank, power supply blank, hard drive cage blank, and media bay blank
Другое536390-001Hardware and plastics kit - Includes slimline hard disk drive blank, rear I/O bracket (1U height), fixed PSU Bracket, and various Torx screws
Жесткие диски517350-001300GB hot-plug dual-port SAS hard disk drive - 15,000 RPM, 6Gb/sec transfer rate, 3.5-inch Large Form Factor (LFF), Enterprise
Жесткие диски488058-001146GB hot-plug dual-port SAS hard disk drive - 15,000 RPM, 3Gb/sec transfer rate, 3.5-inch large form factor (LFF), Enterprise
Кабели и опции к ним488137-001Smart Array P410/P411 battery cable assembly - 28AWG, 15-position, 356mm (14 inches) long - For use with Smart Array battery backed write cache (BBWC) - Connects between the battery pack and the memory module
Кабели и опции к ним498425-001Mini-SAS to Mini-SAS cable - 71.1cm (28.0in) long
Кабели и опции к ним536398-001Optical drive dual cable assembly - Includes the power and SATA cables - Connects the optical drive to the power supply and the system I/O board SATA connector
Кабели и опции к ним142258-001AC power distribution unit (PDU) power cord (Black) - 250VAC, 16AWG, 2.0m (6.6ft) long - Includes IEC-320 C14 (M) connector to IEC 320 C13 (F) connector
Кабели и опции к ним142258-002AC power distribution unit (PDU) power cord (Black) - 250VAC, 16AWG, 2.5m (8.2ft) long - Includes IEC-320 C14 (M) connector to IEC 320 C13 (F) connector - (142257-002)
Комплекты для монтажа в стойку573091-001Rack mounting rail kit - For 1U and 2U high server models - Includes left and right slide rails, and hardware
Контроллеры и компоненты к ним462594-001Smart Array P212 controller board - PCIe x8 SAS controller - Has one internal x4 mini-SAS port and one external x4 mini-SAS port - Does not include memory or backup power
Контроллеры и компоненты к ним535348-001Backplane four bays SAS/SATA hard drive - 1U form factor to 2U form factor
Корзины536402-001Fan cage (clip) - Holds the system cooling fans - Mounts to the bottom of the server chassis between the hard drive cage and the system I/O board
Корзины532114-001Four-bay large form factor (LFF) hot-plug drive cage assembly - Includes the drive cage structure, backplane board, front panel board, and front panel cables
Корзины532479-001Power supply cage assembly - Includes the backplane board / DC converter assembly - For use with the 400 watt redundant hot-plug AC power supplies - Mounts in the right rear corner of the server
Логотипы536407-001DL320 server model nameplate
Модули575058-001Dedicated iLO management port module - Plugs in the system I/O board - Mounts to the rear panel between the serial connector and the half-height PCIe slot
Оперативная память501533-0012GB, 1333MHz, PC3-10600R-9, DDR3, dual-rank x8, 1.50V, registered dual in-line memory module (RDIMM)
Оперативная память462974-001256MB battery backed write cache (BBWC) memory module - Does not include the controller board or battery
Оптические приводы и опции к ним481431-001SATA DVD-RW optical drive - 8X DVD-ROM read, 9.5mm (0.374 inch) height
Процессоры594889-001Intel Xeon E5503 Quad-Core 64-bit processor - 2.00GHz (Nehalem-EP, 4MB Level-3 cache, Intel QuickPath Interconnect (QPI) speed 4.8 GT/s, 80W thermal design power (TDP), socket FCLGA 1366)
Процессоры536891-001Intel Nehalem EP Xeon Quad-Core processor E5504 - 2.0GHz (Gainestown, 1366MHz front side bus, 4MB Level-2 cache, 45nm process, socket LGA-1366, 80W TDP)
Радиаторы и вентиляторы519711-001System cooling fans - 1U form factor
Радиаторы и вентиляторы536401-001Fan assembly - Includes the dual rotor fan assembly and cable - Mounts in the fan cage and the cable plugs into the system I/O board
Радиаторы и вентиляторы536392-001Screw-down type processor heatsink - Screws to the system I/O board
Системы охлаждения572968-001Airflow baffle - Plastic baffle that mounts behind the fan modules and over the top of the processor heat sink and DIMM slots
HP P4000 G2 Unified NAS Gateway Systems: