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HP Netserver LH Plus Cable Kit:
Наименование продукта Product Number(s)
КатегорияPart NumberНаименовнаие
Адаптеры5182-4550SCSI adapter (68-pin (F) to 50-pin (M)) - Used in some configurations for the CD-ROM drive and/or another Single-Ended SCSI drive (Narrow 8-bit to Fast Wide 16-bit)
Кабели и опции к ним5182-6746Fast Wide SCSI ribbon cable - Cable is marked `Internal SCSI cable C22-90 ohm` - Has one 68-pin (M) connector marked `To motherboard or PCI board` and one 68-pin (M) connector marked `To SCSI mass storage device` - 76.7cm (30.2in) long - Cable C22 - From hot-swap backplane boards to system board SCSI ports or optional SCSI interface board
Кабели и опции к ним5182-6747SCSI ribbon cable (C14) - Fast Wide (Ultra) cable marked `Int. SCSI bridge cable C14-90 ohm` - 68-pin (M) connector marked `Top` to 68-pin (M) connector marked `Bottom` - 23.6cm (9.3in) long - Between the two hot-swap backplane boards (configuration dependent)
HP Netserver LH Plus Cable Kit: